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Rottweiler reported missing

General NewsAugust 2, 2006

WEATHERSFIELD ? Town officials want to know the exact whereabouts of a vicious Rottweiler that broke its chain and badly injured a local jogger last week.

After a lengthy discussion, the board voted to order owner Douglas Metcalf to produce the dog, known as Bear, to the town constable by Thursday.

Members of the Select Board said they have been told the dog was taken out of town, but Metcalf did not appear before the board to offer any explanation.

Selectman Daniel Boyer said he wanted to see justice done for the victim, Timothy Kehoe. He said Metcalf had flouted the law in the past.

"That dog wasn't registered, he didn't have any shots and his owner was careless and negligent," said Boyer. "Mr. Kehoe will have lifelong pain and suffering. I feel that Mr. Metcalf ought to be held accountable for something."

See the full story at The Rutland Herald
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Witnesses Recall Neighbor Running From Gun Shots

General NewsBy Peter Jamison
Valley News Staff Writer

Ascutney -- Next to Pat Dimick's front door hangs a sign decorated with images of birds fluttering about the word, ?Welcome.?

Dimick showed hospitality Saturday afternoon, when, she says, neighbor Brenda Boudro ran to the door screaming for her life.

Brenda Boudro alleged that her husband, Darrell Boudro, had attempted to shoot her, according to a statement from Vermont State Police. Brenda Boudro was not injured in the incident, which took place at Country Estates mobile-home park in Ascutney, a village within the Town of Weathersfield, police said.

Laurence Howe, 89, said he had a ?bird's- eye view? of the incident from his neighboring mobile home, on a knoll above the Boudros' home. He said that, after hearing a gunshot, he came to the front of his house and saw Darrelll Boudro chasing his wife down the road with a rifle raised to his shoulder. He watched Darrell Boudro fire two shots, he said, while his wife was ?running on the grass, screaming to beat the band.?

Other neighbors who declined to give their names said they heard a shot, then saw Boudro's wife running away from her home.

One shot apparently pierced the wall of an 82-year-old neighbor's home, flying through her kitchen and coming to rest on the floor of her dining nook.

See the full story at The Valley News
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Ascutney man charged with trying to kill wife

General NewsAugust 1, 2006

ASCUTNEY ? Attempted murder and aggravated domestic assault charges have been filed against a local man who held police at bay from his home for several hours on Saturday.

Darrell J. Boudro, 58, also is charged with a misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment. According to court documents, Boudro tried to kill his wife Saturday, which led to the standoff.

Boudro pleaded innocent to the charges. Due to the serious nature of the alleged crimes, Judge Theresa DiMauro ordered Boudro held without bail.

"The evidence of guilt is great," DiMauro said. "Over the past six weeks, the complainant returned to the house four times because if she did not return, he would kill her. He also threatened to kill himself, someone else and her."

According to an affidavit filed by State Police Detective Sgt. Kraig LaPorte, about six weeks ago, Boudro's wife left after 38 years of marriage. She returned four times in that period because Boudro threatened to kill her if she didn't. Boudro also is quoted as saying on numerous occasions that he planned to kill himself after murdering her and a friend.

See the full story at The Rutland Herald
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Resident appeals 'vicious'dog ruling

General NewsAugust 1, 2006
Southern Vermont Bureau

WEATHERSFIELD ? Douglas Metcalf is appealing the Select Board's decision concerning his Rottweiler, which bit a jogger this month.

The Weathersfield Select Board recently ruled the dog was "legally vicious," and told Metcalf to either give the dog to a Rottweiler rescue organization by Aug. 2 or have it destroyed humanely.

See the full story at The Rutland Herald
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The Frippery

HistoryThe only fund raising effort of the Weathersfield Historical Society is coming up on August 19. We are looking for donations of goods,(no Clothes or Computers) and helpers to set up and accept donations the mornings of August 17, and 18. This is at the Center Church and for more information please contact Shirley Harlow at 263-5891.
Thanks for your support!
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Public safety first

Opinion/ActivismThis evening, the Weathersfield Select Board will hear an appeal from the owner of a mixed Rotweiller named Bear.

Last month, the board ruled the dog must either be removed from town or destroyed.

The board's original order came after Bear attacked a jogger. On July 8, the dog snapped his tether at a home on Little Ascutney Road. Though his injuries were not life-threatening, jogger Tim Kehoe reportedly suffered nerve damage when the dog bit into his left arm down to the bone and required surgery.

Anyone who has found themselves confronted by a vicious dog with no place to hide knows true fear. Kehoe told the select board during a hearing after the attack that had the dog gone after a child or a smaller adult, it could have been fatal.

See the full story at The Eagle Times
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Rainville is out of step

Opinion/ActivismJuly 27, 2006

As a member of the military, General Rainville's solemn obligation was to execute the constitutional orders of the commander in chief, and she performed those duties with honor and distinction. As our sole member of Congress, however, we would be asking her to help stop the madness, stop the wild deficit spending, stop the doctrine of global adventurism, and bring to Washington a dose of freedom in our name from this good little storehouse of liberty.

But she can't do that, because she agrees with the president in most important matters. So while we know her honesty, we acknowledge her service and thank her for it, it simply doesn't make any sense at all to elect someone who fundamentally disagrees with us in so many critical areas of (critical) thought.

To tell you the truth, I've simply turned my mind off to the diversionary tactics of campaign funding challenges. They simply don't mean anything, and an electoral system which is this compromised will never let you understand it anyway. It's how it survives, it's why the same talent which was used in the Fifties to sell Bosco is now deciding for whom you will now vote. And it's why we never got to count the votes in Florida, some for the first time.

Thank you, General. But no thanks. In this case, a little gridlock will be good for a change.

PAUL BOGOSIAN Weathersfield Bowl

See the story at The Rutland Herald
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Ignoring The Laws

Opinion/ActivismLast winter President Bush signed into law a bill that contained what was known as the McCain amendment, which prohibited torture as well as cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment of prisoners held here and abroad. The administration had bitterly opposed this provision but failed in its efforts to water it down. The McCain amendment was approved 90 to 9 in the Senate, and the House passed it 308 to 122. That is to say, it enjoyed overwhelming support in Congress.

Several days later, the president quietly filed a separate declaration, known as a ?signing statement,? saying that he would abide by the torture ban so long as it didn't conflict with his constitutional authority as commander in chief and his need to protect Americans from further terrorist attacks. In essence, he reserved the right to ignore, at his discretion, the amendment that he had signed into law.

Many critics found this reservation morally appalling, confirming as it did their suspicions that the United States was by no means willing to forgo torture as a way to extract information from detainees held in the war on terrorism. As it turned out, though, it was only the tip of an iceberg whose dangerous contours have gradually emerged this year.

See the full story at The Valley News
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Police Standoff

General NewsWeathersfield, Vermont - July 29, 2006

A tense situation in Weathersfield Saturday night. A man reportedly held police at bay for hours.

Police say the suspect, 58 year-old Darrell Boudro allegedly tried to shoot at his wife multiple times. She was not injured and was able to escape from the home. After refusing to surrender to a Police negotiator, officers set up a command center in Ascutney and sealed off the area. Neighbors were evacuated. Police say Boudro eventually left his home and was taken into custody. He is in jail and his bail has been set at 25 thousand dollars. The investigation continues.

See the full story at WCAX
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Stoughton Pond Reopened for Swimming

General NewsStoughton Pond has been reopened.

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